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              NEXT BAI ( Basic Archery Instructor Course ) is May 20th in Bakersfield. Registration can be done online by going to ( ) and searching for the class in Lamont.                     

    Instruction in Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun

CCW Permit Trainer ( For Concealed Carry Applicants) We are approved to do CCW training for the Orange County Sheriff's Department

    We also teach Hunter Education Classes

           Group or Individual Instruction

We do our live fire training at Prado Shooting Park                   in Chino California

Darell Freeman is a Certified NRA/FBI Firearm                              Instructor

       DOJ Certified Instructor Trainer

NRA Training Counselor training others to be NRA Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun & Black Powder Instructors

                Centershot BAIT                                            ( Basic Archery Instructor Trainer)

Coordinator for the Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program in the U.S.

My past military training mostly focused on accuracy at a distance, but former career police officer Darell Freeman offers training for the situations that are more likely when carrying a concealed handgun as a civilian. Darell focused my CCW training on safety, speed, reloading, and movement at close range - where most civilian gunfights occur. My veteran brothers should know that there is a lot that former police officers may know that most of us have never trained on. For example, I often carry a revolver but over many years of military service nobody ever trained me on the fastest and most reliable way to reload a revolver ... but Darell did, and he clearly explained the why behind each what (to do or not do).  If you want to actually gain something from your mandatory CCW permit training, then I highly recommend  Student  Josh H.  1/28/23

Darell has decades of firearm experience and training, he is a 28 year Veteran of Law Enforcement / 14 Years on SWAT / Former Golden West JR. College Police Academy Firearm Instructor

CALL NOW  949-599-4148 



Darell’s Shooting Sports

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