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Darell Freeman is a 28 year Law Enforcement veteran including 14 years of SWAT. He is an NRA Training Counselor, Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Instructor.
If you want to learn how to safely shoot a firearm We're here to train you. If you need to get certified for an Orange County Sheriff's CCW permit we can provide the training.
Group Training or individual or couple's
 training available.
Contact Darell at 949-599-4148 or at ( )

NRA Pistol Instructor Jason
Dinger       is also available for firearm training. Jason's a retired Police                Detective and Military                      Veteran With many years of shooting experience with Rifles,                    Pistols and Shotguns
         You can reach Jason at                              
714-227-0730                                                                                                    ( )

My past military training mostly focused on accuracy at a distance, but former career police officer Darell Freeman offers training for the situations that are more likely when carrying a concealed handgun as a civilian. Darell focused my CCW training on safety, speed, reloading, and movement at close range - where most civilian gunfights occur. My veteran brothers should know that there is a lot that former police officers may know that most of us have never trained on. For example, I often carry a revolver but over many years of military service nobody ever trained me on the fastest and most reliable way to reload a revolver ... but Darell did, and he clearly explained the why behind each what (to do or not do).  If you want to actually gain something from your mandatory CCW permit training, then I highly recommend  Student  Josh H.  1/28/23

We also teach Hunter Education courses and Darell is a Basic Archery Instructor Trainer if you need Archery training or Instructor certifications.  We can also certify you as a Rifle, Pistol or Shotun Instructor with the NRA or as an RSO ( Range Safety Officer)

Darell’s Shooting Sports

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