Instruction in Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun

CCW Permit Trainer (For Concealed Carry Applicants)

Listed on the Orange County Accepted Trainers List

as an Approved Firearms Vendor for CCW

We also teach Hunter Education Classes

Group or Individual Instruction

All Based in Orange / Riverside / San Bernardino County

Darell is a Certified NRA/FBI Firearm Instructor 

DOJ Certified Instructor Trainer

and Long Gun Certified Instructor

NRA Training Counselor and is 

Coordinator of the Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program.


Darell has decades of experience and training, 28 years of Law Enforcement / 16 years SWAT / Police Academy Firearm Instructor 


Darell Freeman


“I have taken a couple of Darell's classes and they are always fun, informative and expertly done.  You always learn far more than you expect.  All the classes have been done in a relaxed, comfortable and professional manner. 
If you are brand new to any shooting sport or advanced, Darell is the one to see. "

                                                     Jeff G.

Darell’s Shooting Sports