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All About Darell...

   My name is Darell Freeman and I have been active in the shooting sports since I was a teenager. I worked for the Costa Mesa Police Department from 1974 – 2002 first as a Police Reserve for 6 months then as a patrol officer. I worked 16 years on SWAT as a Sniper, Logistics Officer and later as a Logistics Sergeant. I worked Investigations, Patrol, Public Relations, Bicycle Patrol, and as the departments first Problem Oriented Policing officer and as a Patrol Sergeant. I was officer of the year in 1979. I was a member of the Costa Mesa Police Pistol team and was the State of California Champion for PPC in the expert class in 1995. I was also the Captain of the CMPD Trap and Skeet Team and shot in the Police Olympics on their Archery and Pistol teams. References can be had from Chief Dave Snowden of the Beverly Hills Police Department ( now retired) who was the former Chief of Police of the Costa Mesa Police Department. I worked for both Chief Dave Snowden and Chief Roger Neth for 28 years.

   I became interested in Firearm training and was certified as an FBI certified Firearms Instructor from the FBI at the LA County Sheriff's Wayside Honor Ranch on May 6, 1994. I also was certified by the NRA as a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor on May 18th, 1999.

   I have a B.A. in Sociology from Vanguard University (formerly Southern California College) out of Costa Mesa and have a lifetime limited teaching certificate for police science courses. I taught as a part time instructor for the Golden West Junior College's Police Academy during the late 1990's through 2005. I've taught police recruits pistol, revolver and shotgun skills. I've also taught as a rifle instructor in a Post Certified SWAT school taught by Neil Baldwin a retired Lt. From the Fullerton Police Department. I taught the SWAT officers from several states how to shoot their .308 sniper rifles from 5 yards to a thousand yards. This course was run through Fullerton Junior College. I also did some teaching for a private company named Hike Stalk Shoot and trained Police Snipers in Texas and taught Brazilian Police Officers in Pistol Skills.

   I am active with the Royal Ranger boys program and have been involved as a firearms and archery instructor for many years with this Christian scouting organization which is in 91 countries and all 50 States in the USA. I have been involved with the Royal Ranger program for over 50 years starting as a boy and working through different leadership positions. I'm currently on the Shoreline division staff in Southern California as their shooting sports instructor and also on the staff for the Northern California/Nevada Royal Ranger District as an advisor. I ran their shooting sports program for several years when I lived in the Sacramento area. I've assisted the Northern California/Nevada District Royal Ranger group for several years by volunteering a week of my vacation time to teach BB gun, air rifle, .22 rifle and shotgun classes for their advanced JLTA (Junior Leadership Training Academy). I also donate my time with the National Royal Rangers and have supervised their Archery range in 2006 and their Shotgun range in 2012 at their National Camporama in Eagle Rock, Missouri. I'm currently the Coordinator for the Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program.

   I'm a Life member of the National Rifle Association and was a member of their Air Rifle Committee from 2006-2018.

I became an NRA Training Counselor in 2005.  I am certified by the NRA to train others to be Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Instructors.


I am an NRA Instructor in the following disciplines:


Certified Home Firearm Safety * Certified Pistol * Certified Rifle * Certified Shotgun * Personal Protection in the Home * Personal Protection Outside the Home * Certified CO-OP Muzzle loading Rifle. 

Darell’s Shooting Sports

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