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NRA Pistol Instructor course 


16 + hour course.


Cost $250.00 

You must register for class here 



 You will need to also Register with the NRA on their website




You'll then need to sign up  for the NRA Blended Pistol Instructor Course. 
You will pay the NRA $60.00 for their course


You will get the course on line and they will mail you a hard copy of the material,
do the on line material prior to the 2 day course.


It's highly recommended you sign up with the NRA as they use your 
NRA member number as an instructor number.
Go to  for material ordering.



Bring checks with you on first day of class for $250.00 or 

Send check to Darellsshootingsports at

P.O. Box 7724, Riverside, CA 92513


First day of class at 



6 hour NRA BIT portion.



Bring 100 rounds of ammo for qualification

Must pass a prequalification shooting course in order to complete class.

Darell’s Shooting Sports

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