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Certified NRA/FBI Firearm Instruction  

DOJ Hand Gun Safety Certificate and Long Gun Certified Instructor

NRA Pistol Instructor Course


CCW Permit Certifiation

Specializing in California Conceal Carry Weapons Permit Renewals

See the Orange County Sheriff for additional information


CCW Renewal Courses  

Private 4 hour sessions with individual students. 

Held at Prado Shooting Park in Chino.

Cost $125.00 plus range fee of $30.00

Student must provide own ammunition 75 rounds for each gun they qualify up to 5 guns maximum.

Contact  Darell to schedule your private session


NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home CCW Class

It is recognized by the Orange County Sheriff's Department as an approved vendor for their CCW certificate requirements.

Pre-Pay $225.00

Mail check to P.O. Box 7724, Riverside, CA 92513




Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Muzzleloader

NRA New Shooter Seminar's available. - Taught in your home $100.00 per person 3 hour class for new shooters. Learn  the basics of handguns, rifles, shotguns. Class will be followed with a range day on a separate day. All you pay for is the ammunition you shoot for the range session. "

Private training sessions available for Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun/Archery - $50.00 per hour plus range fees and ammunition costs.


Darell’s Shooting Sports

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